Kombucha Tea

My understanding is the first step in making your own Kombucha tea (another fermented food, good for your belly!) is to get a “mother” scoby. What is a scoby? I wondered the same thing… it is a “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast”. Simple! I love acronyms.

Here is an image for you…

Now, what is the process? Again, there is a great detailed description in Sally Fallen’s book (p. 596). The Coles Notes, from our friend Laurie are as follows:

– mix 1 cup sugar in 3 quarts boiling water (until it dissolves).

– Add 4 teabags, these must be ORGANIC black or jasmine tea or green tea. Let steep 5 min.

– take bags out. let COOL to room temperature.

– add your “mother” scoby plus 1/2c liquid. Note: your jar must be at least as big or BIGGER than the scoby you get from a friend…

– let sit for 10 days to 2 weeks at room temperature

What will happen??

– The “scoby” will EAT the caffeine and sugar and convert it… the end result is a tea that has neither caffeine nor sugar. WOW!

– You will get a “baby” scoby ABOVE the mother scoby… you can give this baby to a friend, or make another jar!

When we tasted this tea, our sample was still a bit sweet… that is a sign you can leave the tea for a few more days… I suppose, again, it is all a matter of TASTE.

I haven’t managed to get my hands on a “scoby” yet… but I’d love to try this. Another beverage to add to my repetoire!

p.s. I now have my husband converted to plain kefir drinks, straight up! he was out of town a couple of days and said he missed them!


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