Kefir or Keffir

I must admit I am loving the addition of fresh kefir to my day. I tend to have a cup full around lunchtime, and since I don’t usually drink anything but water and tea (and coffee…), it is a nice refreshing change. My husband likes it with a heavy spoonful of jam, and so far my middle child will drink it with jam as well! I just find it sooooo easy! And I am proud I now have enough babies to share my crop with a friend! You need 1-2 Tbsp per 2c milk. They tend to proliferate! Here is what they look like up close:

Here is my routine:

– Shake up the kefir baby jar in my cupboard with lid tight every day (usually when I pour my cupful from the fridge)

– Leave lid loose in a dark cupboard: my kefir babies plus 2c milk

– Every 36-48 hours, drain off keffir, rinse kefir babies in filtered water, and place babies in a new jar with another 2c of fresh milk. Here is Dawn straining the kefir during our evening:

– Place keffir (that I drained off, now ready to consume) in fridge. YUMM! Apparently this drink’s shelf life is 2-3 days at room temperature, so I would guess longer in the fridge! It should be creamy and drinkable, if it turns into cheese and whey you have definately let it sit too long

From our evening together, again it was “a matter of taste”. The advice was that the kefir babies need to EAT milk, that is their food. It was also recommended to strain the babies in a non-metallic strainer (though neither Dawn or I do this and they seem to live on…). If you don’t want to be actively making the kefir, you can store the kefir babies:

– in freezer

– in filtered water in fridge for up to 2 weeks

Try drinking the kefir with pineapple & honey! Another winning combination. Or you can try it as a buttermilk substitute in recipes, as an addition to a bowl of soup, or apparently it can also be used to make sourdough bread!


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