Making Sauerkraut

One thing that was clear to me in our evening of sharing was that Sally Fallon seem to be somewhat of a guru in this fermentation field. Her book was held by most as a great resource on the subject, but what I LOVED was finding out the simpler, “Coles Notes” version… what do I REALLY need to know to get started? Here is what I took from the group about making Sauerkraut!

Chop up some cabbage, the finer the better (more surface area) into a jar as in photo

Add some onion and carrot if you like, or even the traditional taste of caraway seeds

Add a tsp of sea salt

Wait a while… even after an hour a lot of juices will be formed

Use smaller jar to pack the cabbage down and push more in

You will get about 2 jars from 1 head of cabbage

Leave the little jar in place, fill it with water for weight.

Then add a papertowel and rubber band (to ward off bugs) on top

Place on your shelf, like this:

After 4 days, check it! “GO ON TASTE!”

Probably ready after 1.5-2 weeks

Apparently the best nutrition is gained after 6 months

Need any tips? Ask Anita! She spent her childhood stomping in huge bins of this stuff! 

Eating a couple of tablespoons everyday is the key… you don’t need to consume vast quantities to get the benefits.

How did I do? Anyone have anything to add?


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