Kraut, Kefir, Kombucha, and Yogurt…

Fermentation. WOW! I had this thought upon waking this morning… “Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore“. I definately felt like Dorothy at our meeting last night. After sampling homemade kefir, yogurt, and Kombucha, I have to say my gut doesn’t feel drastically different this morning, but I look forward to incorporating at least the kefir and yogurt into my foodie routines. I am once again awestruck and inspired by this amazing group of women.

“It’a a matter of taste”… “you just go on taste”… this theme came up a LOT last night, as there seems to be no hard and fast “rules” when entering the fermentation world. Perfect for those used to cooking without recipes, but a stretch for those like me who still prefer to stick to the “known” and have some (hopefully…) guarantee of a successful outcome! I think that is what appeals the most about fermentation… the ability to define your own successes… and it definately takes one back to being a Pilgrim, where food is not preserved but just kept on a dark shelf to stew in its own juices! We have been doing this for thousands of years (I learned!) and I feel some sacredness in entering this world, with my new “kefir babies” safely on the shelf in 2 cups of milk. 24 hours and I’ll have my own kefir drink…

So what is the story with fermentation? My understanding now is that the idea is to promote a healthy ecosystem in your gut… which I am familiar with from expensive, naturopathic remedies such as “acidophilis” which you can buy for – what – $50 a jar? Or various “candida” cleaning regimes. Maybe that is my other favorite theme – the ability to be frugal and healthy – in today’s world! I have been a bit shy to use probiotics regularly due to the price tag… sticking to just some plain, store-bought yogurt as my regular “fermented” food.

The book pictured above was suggested as a good simple place to start… but I found being with this amazing group of women to be more up my alley. I think I’m going to stick with learning from others for now!

What do I love most about these evenings? I tried to put my finger on it last night, when I came home to my husband with my good, very pregnant friend Leanne. I really enjoy a night out with a theme… I find I feel complete like “we came, we met, we did fermentation, we left”. But actually it goes much deeper than this. I think what I truly enjoy is the interaction of each person with the topic and watching the whole dynamic brings a deep understanding both of the TOPIC which is lovely, but also a deeper understanding of each individual… because how they interact with the topic is deeply personal, and often passionate!!

Those of us left on the sidelines (me and 3 others who hadn’t even ventured into yogurt making ever yet!) also share a unique experience and are pulled into the current of passion that runs through the room… I love how the atmosphere is one of open learning, and I love learning new words – like the eternal flame of SKOBY (for Kombucha) and KEFIR BABIES (for Kefir). I truly hope the flame of energy and connection that has come into our group is here to stay… making our foodie club eternal in some way, like the kefir babies on my shelf!!

WOW FOODIE CLUB!! What a night! I promise to share the content as well, in another posting, just had to share my experience first. It was a big one for me. A big Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “Kraut, Kefir, Kombucha, and Yogurt…

  1. Hey Diana… you’re an awesome writer! so glad to be a part of this…it’s in the category of simple yet profound… all contributing a seemingly little thing we do can make a world of difference to another. After reading your thoughts it makes me think about it all differently too. It was a great evening for sure. AND I’m glad to get making kefur again on a regular basis as well as yogurt which I haven’t made for a very long time… and save money!
    Thankyou back to you

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