The 3rd of November we finally pulled our tomato plants… pleasantly surprised by this crop of red and green tomatoes, and the red ones didn’t taste half-bad! As we have transitioned from summer’s bounty to Fall, I have definately struggled with my “foodie-ism”… tempted to throw on the table a lot more grilled cheese, plain rice, eggs, and simple steamed or sauteed vegetables. My palate has been yearning for something a little “more”… but I’m unable to put my finger quite on it… and I anticipate that whatever flavor it would be, it would not be the plain (somewhat bland?) foods my children crave!

I find my meals are a constant juggling act of creating foods that are palatable enough for a 1 year old, appeal to a 3 and 5 year old, and still (with a little black pepper added) satisfy the tastebuds of my husband and I! Feeling the need to meet all these different needs, I am hesitant to create certain foods (potato- or squash- based things, or dishes with a mix of spice for example!) but quite bored of the usual spaghettis, barley bakes, and plain baked tofus that my children love. Pizza Fridays are a definately reprieve as everyone can make their own, suitable to their own palate, as long as enough variety is presented.

I am quite looking forward to our meeting this week to pull me through this Fall slump and into enjoying Winter’s warmers… soups, stews, and the like!!


2 thoughts on “Harvest

  1. I know what you are saying about satisfying the young and the ‘not so young’ at the same time. Cooking for young children is sometimes frustrating especially if a child tends to be tactile sensitive… loves something one day and because it’s made slightly different the next time… completely different reaction. (I only added a little onion cause husband asked for it :-)). Anyway just to remember we all have different tastes and we’re all learning… rule is they still have to eat a ‘certain’ amount… in time they will like it right?! If we could have a cooking ‘bee’ it would be helpful to combat the blahs. What can put me in a slump is the clean-up issue… so much clean-up no matter how much is made… Setting apart time to make more with relativel less clean-up… food for thought?

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