Comfort Food

I must admit in the heat I have been indulging in a great amount of fresh fruit – namely strawberries and cherries – both organic! What lovely bursts of flavor – strawberries I have u-picked twice from Pilgrim’s Produce (once with kids and once solo!) and cherries supplied to the CSA members at Coldstream Creek Road Orchard. Cherry pie… add a bit of ice cream… tried making the strawberries into ice cream in our freezer as well. Turned out more like sorbet, but still delicious!

What else has been on our menu? I have been steeping fresh mint leaves each morning, adding a bit of honey (Wild Mountain, Armstrong is my choice!) and chilling it for the afternoon. Luscious. Muesli for breakfast – add fresh raspberries from our garden. Mmmmm…

Dinners? Mexican stuffed peppers to use some of the first hot-house peppers available at our local market; also some of the mixed beans that my oldest picked out at the winter market (Coldstream). Spinach Rice Bake (but made with beet greens to use them up). Split pea soup today – a REBAR favorite of ours – had to be made early so as not to heat up my cooking space which is very close to my sleeping space… and Bruschetta for a potluck wedding my husband attended on the weekend – on Edie’s homemade crackers; or Dawn’s freshly made pita bread (WOW!) – that pita bread would make a fantastic demo, maybe next year… definately a comfort food!

On account of the combination of flavors, lately my girls have been eating a lot of plain potatoes, cucumber, carrots, peas (fresh or frozen) and corn on the cob. The corn is not quite local yet but a good, simple filler for those not fond of mixed flavors.


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