Pumpkin’ Cashew Tart/ carrot pudding (Dawn)

1 ½ cups almond flour
1 cup dates
¾ cup coconut oil (option)
large pinch of sea salt
Grind almonds to a fine consistency in a food processor.
Mix until thoroughly combined. The mix should stick together enough to keep shape. Add a bit of water if needed.
Press into glass pie pan or a form with removable bottom

Filling: or just use this as pudding
2 cups carrot juice
1 cup raw cashews (soak in the carrot juice for a couple hours or more)
1 cup coconut = the cream that comes from a can of coconut milk. (Native Forest $3.70)
let me know if you find another cheeper organic brand that has a good amount of cream
The remaining milk can be used in your next smoothie
1/8 cup agave nectar or sweetener of choice
¾ cup coconut oil (melted but not hot or will congeal with mix)
1/2 cup date paste
1 T vanilla
2 tsp ginger
½ tsp nutmeg (I think I used less)
¼ tsp cloves
¾ tsp sea salt

Blend in food processor or blender until smooth… may take a few minutes. Taste and adjust your seasoning as you like
Pour onto crust , dish (or small jars and put in freezer for kids lunches)

When Dawn made this at our meeting we were all grateful – and a big surprised – it tasted great, AND much better than we all expected! I made the pudding tonight and cooled it in the fridge to set while we all went swimming! By the time we got back it was set.

While snacking my oldest girl said “It’s surprising how smooth it gets!” – she had seen the ingredients in my processor (overflowing…) earlier. My youngest daughter said “Can I have some more tomorrow”. And my husband found it nicely rich, although he said he probably shouldn’t have eaten as much as he did… all in all a great success!

Here is a photo of where I started… finding out (the hard way) my processor was a bit too small to accomodate the liquid:

Then I blended it all up in two batches:

And, finally, the happy tummy:


3 thoughts on “Pumpkin’ Cashew Tart/ carrot pudding (Dawn)

  1. HI Foodies, Can you remind me how to make the date paste. I am going to attempt this recipe this weekend. Woop Woop!

  2. I actually just threw in a few whole dates to the pudding, then processed it – seemed to work okay. I think you can make a whole batch of date paste by processing just dates… I think this is what Dawn has on hand to make this (and other things) up! Hope that helps.

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