Last Tuesday our group met at Liz’s place… a cool, but pleasant evening. This was our first meeting as a group, and I was amazed by the dynamic we created. Open sharing, learning, passion, and snacking!

The demo of the evening was Dawn’s… “Pumpkin” cashew Tart – otherwise known as carrot pudding! We were all surprised how deliciously rich this treat was. Today I found carrot juice at Simply Delicious in a bottle (see picture) that is good until mid-July so this is probably easier than getting it fresh from Nature’s Fare if you don’t have a juicer. I also got my coconut milk – the can Dawn suggested as having lots of cream on top that can be a substitute for the coconut flesh in the original recipe.

We chose Edie’s crackers as the demo for September. Since she shared her recipe with me, I couldn’t resist going out to purchase little bags of several different flours today. Millet, kamut, barley, rye… and I decided to try coconut flour too! Now I have my 12 cup mixture in my freezer to work from and churn out some delicious crackers; though I’m sure not as neat and tidy looking as Edie’s. She has perfected the cracker art for sure!

Kristy took home a huge stock pot – the take away gift of the evening! – from Liz! And we got to hear from Kristy about Vernon Permaculture (link on the right side bar somewhere…), learn about microplaners (for grating cheese, mincing garlic, etc.), the OXO salad spinner which a child can operate (thanks Karyn!), and meet Leanne’s prized teapot (from Ana’s “Functional Pottery“). The REBAR cookbook got excellent reviews, particularly the “chocolate cake”. And soon I will use Anita’s tip of pitting cherries using a (beer) bottle and the metal end of a pencil (with eraser removed). Did you know it helps to put salt on garlic before chopping it? I still haven’t tried this out… but I will keep my eye out for Edie’s old fashioned meat tenderizer which is the perfect tool for crackers and pastry.

WOW, so many hands-on tips to take home and use right away! Amazing. And I feel newly inspired to do more in my kitchen… my interest was definately waning with summer’s bounty slow to arrive and my 3 little ones at my feet!

Today I managed to “link” to Kristy’s local permaculture group… my next project is to create a “recipes” section so we know where to go when we want to make the Glory Bowl Dressing, Carrot Pudding, and Edie’s crackers! How come no one requested the “salsa with a kick” recipe?!? My husband ate the remaining in 2 sittings… impressive.


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