There are many “firsts” with food… tonight, my first kale chips! Amazing that a whole tray of kale can turn into a crispy treat… I wonder how to keep them so crispy? My husband says they are “awesome”! I think perhaps a good conduit for salt into my body… we’ll see what my girls think in the morning.


Or the first time I discovered that I could melt my hardened honey – about twice a year I buy huge amounts of local Armstrong honey – and once I re-melt it on the stovetop, it stays nicely melted again in my cupboard jar!

Or my first raspberry jam – last year – thanks for the recipe Kristy!

Or my first time adding worms to my compost – thanks for the donation Susan! The worms are munching our compost, making it much more effective than it ever has been!

Or my first dandelion green smoothie… that was a great energy renewal Dawn!

Or my first time making tomatillo salsa – too bad my local supply has dwindled or I’d make it again for our next meeting… very “refreshing”!

I think food is one realm of life that I can count on so many first experiences remaining… woop! woop!


2 thoughts on “Firsts…

    • I mixed a whole bunch of kale (stems removed) with 1 tbsp oil and 1/2 tsp salt (probably 1/4 tsp is enough). On some I also added some chili powder. Layed out on cookie sheet in 1 layer and baked at 350 for 12 min or so. I have stoneware pans so didn’t need parchment, but the original recipe (Pilgrim’s Produce) used parchment. Janelle devours them – as many as I’ll give her at a time, Daria doesn’t care for them…

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