Reflections on April…

I’ve always loved food. I have absolutely no credentials, just pure enjoyment of the creating and consumption of tasty morsels. I love being around other people who are excited by and about food! I love simple food such as lightly steamed cauliflower. I believe food is very personal and we must be free to make different choices about food and express our individuality. Food is so much fun!

I also believe life is all about relationships. I want to listen. Learn. Love. I know that we can “google” everything in this information age… yet I want to be in the presence of others. I needed a good excuse to get together with some amazing women I had acquaintance with…

The cross roads of my passion in food and belief in relationships led me to invite a group of women over to my place for an April evening hour. We planned, over waffles & delicious toppings, an upcoming year of food and garden sharing, learning, and yearning! It was a small paradise.

Fortunately, we are all interested in meeting again and we have a gracious hostess! We will meet again on June 19th 7:00-8:30pm to:

  1. Learn how to make hand-rolled spelt flour tortillas (thank you REBAR), and garlic scape pesto.
  2. Delve into the concept of a “$784 Kitchen Makeover” (Globe and Mail April 4, 2012). Each person will bring a basic kitchen tool that makes cooking pleasurable to them. What cooking tool does every kitchen need? Not the bare basics like casserole dishes, measuring cups or colanders… something that you treasure and would take to a desert island with you!
  3. Explore the kitchen and garden of a superb “foodie”

I was amazed at the connections within our group… women who had worked out at the same gym, gone to the same highschool, had mutual friends. I was also impressed by the mix of novice and experienced gardeners and “foodies”. I have been grateful for the encouraging words that followed our initial meeting… it seems we all have (a little) space in our lives for the doing, being, and becoming of food in our lives.

We will meet 4 times this year, and then wind up again at my place in April 2013. I look forward to what our year will bring!


5 thoughts on “Reflections on April…

  1. congratulations on getting this going Diana- (and on my BDay :-). I love your sentiments and am glad to be a part of this… very exciting and very much look forward to the next meeting.

  2. Looks amazing Diana. I am excited to see everyone’s favourite kitchen gadget. I am definately a lover of food, but not a foodie. I am excited to get to know everyone better.

  3. What a great space Diana!! I look forward to it’s evolution as we meet over the years. Thank you, and I am looking forward to the 19th.


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